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Once upon a time, businesses and the people who like them were friends! They danced together, hand in hand, making each other stronger.

Asort is like a magical palace in this India, where young Indians can build their own amazing businesses, one step at a time.

Let’s meet Roshan, a leader at Asort, who will tell us all about this cool way to work together!

Is Asort a real company ?

Roshan: You’re right! My presence here and your questions confirm that Asort is real. We’ve been successfully operating since 2011, which is 12 years, building trust with our community. Our members are thriving, and you can verify our credibility through various sources.

Asort is recoginzed by many govt officials , certified by  the mca  govt any one can check from the Asort’s official website 

Is Asort right for me?

Roshan: Absolutely! If you have a business dream but lack support, Asort is like a business club where members meet, create groups, share ideas and experiences. We have many successful entrepreneurs in our community who started this way. Let me share a short journey of one such member…

Ggandeep and Harpal, friends working in a call center with a monthly income of 5,000, are now successful entrepreneurs in [industry] thanks to Asort. You can see their impressive growth on their social media.

Q: What’s this whole co-commerce thing? Is it different from shopping online or selling stuff directly?

Roshan: Think of it like this: you want to start a business, but you don’t have any family business or tons of money to start a business. 

Asort helps out by creating a big friend group where everyone shares their business tips and tricks. 

In this world, businesses, artists, influencers (people with lots of online fans), and shoppers all work together, like one big team!

Q: Why is it important for people to be friends on these platforms?

Roshan: When everyone talks and shares, it’s like having a bunch of cheerleaders! They give each other ideas, help fix problems, and make the whole thing more fun. 

Asort builds this friendship by having special tools for talking, working together, and listening to everyone’s ideas.

Q: How does technology help connect everyone on these platforms?

Roshan: It’s like having a super smart AI friend! This AI  tool knows everyone’s interests and goals, and it helps connect them with the right people, just like magic!

Q: What are some challenges for these platforms, and how can they be overcome?

Roshan: Sometimes it can be hard to trust new friends, or make sure everyone gets their fair share of rewards. 

But Asort uses special tools like secret codes and smart helpers to make everything fair and safe. These challenges also help us get even better! 

Q: What’s the future of this co-commerce thing?

Roshan: Imagine groups of friends who like the same things working together online! They can share knowledge, make cool stuff, and have even more fun. 

Asort wants to help build a world where everyone feels supported and can achieve their dreams.

Q: How does Asort want to make India stronger?

Roshan: Asort believes in giving everyone a chance to be their own boss, especially young people. 

By working together, businesses can find the right customers, and everyone can become more independent and successful. This is what makes India strong!

Q: What are Asort’s most important values?

Roshan: We believe in working together (People), being excited about what we do (Passion), helping everyone reach their full potential (Potential), and making everyone happy and successful (Prosperity).

Q: How does Asort make sure everyone is happy when they buy something?

Roshan: We listen to what everyone wants and needs, and we make changes to our platform based on their feedback. 

That way, everyone feels like they’re part of the team and they get the best possible experience.