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Asort, founded in 2011 by Mr. Roshan Singh Bisht, is a leading direct-selling fashion platform with a passion for empowering individuals. We envision a future where everyone can fulfil their dreams and earn a living through the world of fashion.

Building a thriving community: At Asort, we’re more than just a business; we’re a supportive community. We help over 300,000 independent business owners across India build successful careers, offering them the tools and resources to become fashion influencers and achieve financial independence.

A curated fashion haven: Our platform boasts six homegrown brands catering to every taste and style:

Another Bad Generation (A.B.G.)TM: streetwear with an edge, redefining Indian youth culture.

Earthy Scent : Embrace your roots with ethically-sourced Indian crafts crafted for modern sensibilities.

Mr. Huffman® is the epitome of classic menswear, designed for the discerning gentleman.

Ifazone®: Timeless basics with a focus on quality and comfort, for men and women.

Kuefit: Fuel your every move with stylish and functional activewear.

Solasta Shoes: Mix and match to express your unique style with our diverse footwear collection.

Beyond fashion, we at Asort believe in ethical practices and social responsibility. We prioritise integrity, humility, customer satisfaction, and animal welfare. Our mission is to create a sustainable and inclusive fashion ecosystem that benefits everyone.

Join the Asort journey: Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, a budding entrepreneur, or simply someone looking for a community of like-minded individuals, Asort welcomes you with open arms. Explore our platform, discover your passion, and unlock your potential with us.