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If you’re searching for a genuine review about the Asort company, you’re in the right place. We’re here to explain everything about Asort to you. Based on market research, Asort is one of the fastest-growing direct selling companies in India/ bharat. Let’s dive into the real facts about Asort.

what is Asort ?  

Asort provides a platform for individuals to chase their dreams and fosters a community of successful micro-entrepreneurs. It genuinely empowers small businesses, supporting the government’s “Digital Bharat” initiative.

Asort: Empowering India’s Entrepreneurs for 12 Years

Asort has built a trustworthy reputation among business Partners and consumers from across the country. The CEO and Co-Founder Of Asort is Roshan Singh Bisht. Asort is a direct selling brand which is part of Dynamic Beneficial 

Asort Company Work Details

Asort operates as a partnership-based online community. Built on the co-commerce business model, they offer a range of products from Fashion and lifestyle. Founded in 2011, Asort’s primary objective is to transform the online shopping experience  with the help of co commerce hub .

India’s First Co-Commerce Company:

Asort takes the title of India’s / bharat first co-commerce company. Its a marketplace  which specializes in fashion, with Amiiga – women wear, Ifazone – Men & women formal, and Mr. Huffman – Mens premium wear  as its most prominent brands.

At Asort, they are proud to inspire millions to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams. The company nurtures this spirit by empowering Seller Partners to hone their business skills and guiding them on regular basis on how to achieve there dreams. With a team of experts, Asort offers training sessions to mold young talents .

 Every brand associated with Asort boasts a unique identity, delivering top-notch quality Products at affordable prices. 

The company’s vision revolves around building a satisfied customer community, providing them with daily lifestyle products.

Asort’s Product List :

Asort operates both as an online retail and wholesale co-commerce platform.  They have collaborations spanning a variety of products like beauty & skincare, health & kitchen items, electronics & appliances, and children’s wear.

Brands under Asort Co-Commerce

Asort showcases a variety of private labels and also provides a space for external brands to feature their products.

Asort’s own brands include:

Ifazone – Men’s formal and casual attire.

ABG — Unisex Streetwear Brand: ABG, standing for ‘Another Bad Generation’, is an Indian brand that deeply resonates with art.

 Its mission is to foster a novel culture for Indian youth. Offering iconic Indian street style wear, ABG doesn’t differentiate based on gender.  It represents the rebellious Indian youth, eager and responsible for change.

Kuefit – Activewear for both men and women.

Mr. Huffman – Men’s formal and semi-casual outfits.

Amiiga – Women’s formal, casual, and fusion wear.

Earthy Scent – Ethnic clothing for both men and women.

Solasta Shoes – Footwear for both genders.

Founders of Asort:

Roshan Singh Bisht and Natasha co-founded Asort in 2011, aiming to support budding entrepreneurs.

The Future of Asort:

Asort’s future looks promising. As a direct-selling company that specializes in fashion products, its potential is vast. Fashion is timeless, ensuring that Asort’s relevance in the market remains strong.